Experts at your service, Wine Ambassadors can offer the following:

Marketing - Communication & PR Events

Wine Ambassadors sas offers a broad range of services thanks to our network of WA Ambassadors who are experts in their fields with a deep knowledge of the wine business in their country. WA aims at creating long term brand strategies to gain market share on specific countries or cities. WA can also add a training course for our distributors' sales force or create dedicated events linked with artists or journalists. For example, we are co-working on creating the first Champagne Week in New York with our partner Blaine Ashley from Citysip. It will be the first event dedicated to the promotion of famous Champagnes Houses as well as small beautiful wineries.

Promotion - Sales & Distribution

Our network of WA Ambassadors ensures the promotion to B2B clients of our WA's selection. We build up distribution strategies with importers and distributors and help them to create awareness for the brands they have selected. WA guarantees to our clients (importers, distributors, retailers)not only a better sourcing and traceability but also all the marketing efforts and promotion that are usually missing for a single brand or winery. WA is acting as a brokerage and trading company. We are able to ensure logistic and transportation of mixed pallets / containers to facilitate our clients importations' needs.

Wine Tour - Oenotourism

Our vocation is to offer an opportunity for wine professionals or VIPs to discover talented wine makers. For this reason we have developped new services to organize private wine tastings and private wine tour for our close partners. Between one day to one week trip around the most charming and yet undiscovered Terroirs and vineyards in France. The closest region when you land in Paris is Champagne. It takes only 32 minutes by fast train to arrive in Reims where we will be waiting for you with our private car. Other services like sensorial analysis tours can be organized to show you the richness of our terroirs and to increase your wine knowledge.

Wine Ambassadors is located at the heart of champagne in Reims. Our closeness with vineyards, villages, Champagne houses and cellars allows us to offer you visits when you are travelling troughtout the region Come and discover where and how the champagne is made, the houses know-how, the vineyards beauty and meet people who contribute to make the champagne this very unique wine.

Our relationships with growers, wine makers and wine professionals from the wine world also allow us to offer you visits in all other regions in France like Bordeaux or Burgundy.